22 February 2011

secret of success (:

credit to - senior living , cause give me an idea .

assalamualaikum and good evening . today i've think wanna speak in english even tough my grammar is very very  ' terok ' haha . never mind . let's start . just ignore what i'm talking nonsense nonsense just now -.-

everyone wanna be a succesful . same like me . i just wanna be a girl successfully in the world and the hereafter . this is what you have to do .( just searching in the internet and then you will know what you have to do )

How you think is everything - if you want it , you'll do as soon as possible . think you can do it . so you will get it. am i right ? remember to “think positive” at every opportunity . just remember this , positive thinking actually increases longevity

Decide on your dreams and goals - okey , like this . you want your dream come true but you dont know what you have to do . Be specific about your goals . for example , i want to buy a big house next month rather than i want to buy a big house but i dont know when is the best time to buy it

Take action - Goals alone have no meaning . you need to take action to make them real . Don’t let fear hold you back. "Just do it." go ! go ! go ! -.-'' (over)

Never stop learning - to all boy(s) and girl(s) that like ponteng-ponteng and lepak(s) . please read it . wohoo~ if you wanna be successful you can't stop learning . Take classes , go back to school , read books (i love it ! tapi kalau buku english , tunggu tahun depan la habis baca !) and join a discussion group . If you are interested in a subject , make time to learn it . make study fun and not bosan bosan .

Be persistent and work hard - you have to move on ! You’ve probably heard the expression , “success is a marathon, not a sprint .” Keep your eye on the goal , and keep working toward it . Don’t give up . and never say never . just think positive " yeahh , i know i can do it ! " 

- to be continue -